About MOB™ Back Healer & How It Works For Back Pain.

The MOB™ Back-Healer is a home base self-therapy unit, with its main purpose, to provide a solution for back pain, body distortion, frozen shoulder or leg problem. It is effective, friendly and safe to use by everyone. 

The MOB™ Back-Healer with its curved framed; supports, stretches and massages the entire back and reduce pressure on each vertebrae, realign them to its stretch-free position. 

The muscles of the spine are stretched by the passive gravity action of the person’s own body weight.

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The MOB™ Back Healer works on the dissemination & assimilation motion, which arch the back slightly to relieve compression cause in the herniation. Pressures is relieved on the front side of the disc which in turn create a vacuum that draws the herniation back in slightly, therefore lessening the painfull pressures on the nerves roots.

The process is effective in treating pain, numbness, weakness on the back and legs and at the same time rejuvenate disc through absorption of fluid from the nearby blood supplies.