Do you have neck pain..???
Neck Healer

Come with instruction manual. Practice 15 to 20 minutes per session a day before bed time, your neck is
restored and re-align.

Your neck pain will melt away without you knowing it !!!


Colors of the item varies from time to time

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I weigh 650gm, my size is 23.5cm(L), 20.5(W) and 9.3cm(H)

(include postage to
East & West Malaysia
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South East Asian Countries

MOB™ Neck Healer is your passport to STOP neck pain!!

Don't wait, grab it now!!, after this promo the price will be at normal price(Rm457@ 1 unit)

Use the MOB™ Neck Healer 2 to 3 times a day at a duration of
20 minutes per session,
You know your neck pain are melting away without you knowing it.

 MOB™ Neck Healer removes build-up tensions and congestions on the cervical spine (C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, T1,T2) by the passive gravity of the user’s own body weight. It applies pressures along meridian and pressures points to stimulate the body’s natural self-healing capacities.

The ebb and flow movements aids the free flow of blood to our brain through its various cervical arteries and helps nourish the cervical disc, which prevent disc degenerations. Promote cartilage growth.

When these points are pressed upon, they release muscle tension and body’s life force to aid in the disordered cervical framework.

日本创制肩颈宝 放松肩颈肌肉组织

人体的颈椎是输送氧气进出 头脑的主要管道,也是人体荷尔蒙排出的工厂。因此,颈椎的健康与否决定了一个人的精神与健康。

长期使用电脑,不当的工作 习惯与姿势、受伤或先天性因素等,皆可能造成颈部问题。颈部问题的症状包括了颈部疼痛、酸痛、紧绷、僵硬、双手麻木、头痛及呼吸问题等。

要避免发生颈部问题,比较 实际的方法是预防,比方说避免一些重复性的动作,在生活中运用几个简单的身体运动,可帮组避免颈部退化。

创制于日本的肩颈宝 ”(MOB™ Neck Healer) 用生物动力学及指压技术的 反地心吸力,松解颈骨所承受的压力,放松肩颈肌肉组织的紧绷状况。它有效透过刺激管道,发挥灌输与扩散作用。

如同一时间使用日本仪古式 力学绑脚技术,可达至更佳的效果。可随时使用的“肩颈宝”,价格实惠、安全且操作简单。


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(include postage to
East & West Malaysia
(include postage to other
South East Asian Countries

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