Isogai Alignment Belt

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Isogai Dynamic Therapy (IDT)

A Self Managed Regimen For Neck And Back Problems OR Structural Imperfection

Isogai Dynamic Therapy (IDT) also known as the Binding legs Technique emphasize on using the Isogai Alignment Belts to bind both legs for dynamic balances of human structure, and that this dynamic balances ability will decide if the spine is in its correct position in the spinal column. The technique was discovered by the renowned Japanese Osteopath, Dr. Kimiyoshi Isogai in the 1950’s. Dr. Kimiyoshi Isogai has written more that 200 books on Isogai Dynamic Therapy before his demised.  All publications explained the importance of keeping the human spine in proper alignment.

 As part of the central nervous system, the spinal cord passes vertically through the spine together with major nerves supplies.  The spine and its surrounding nerves serves as a super highway to dominant all activities and functions of human’s organs, feelings and movements through its natural pathway in the spinal column. The spine has its normal contour and sections i.e. the cervical spine, the thoracic spine, the lumbar spine and the sacrum. The spine will only be able to function normal if its position in the spinal column is normal. Any change in the position of the spine in the spinal column will impede nerves supplies and affect the body’s natural mechanism process.

The spine also serves as a pillar and it control the body’s intrinsic balancing ability for the body to balance left and right and fight against gravity. If this pillar is distorted, the centre of balance of the body will be affected accordingly.

There are various reasons such as injuries, birth trauma, congenital reasons which cause spinal distortion, but consistencies of in-correct body postures, physical movements and habits remain major causes of abnormal spine. Many common in-correct habits such as crossing legs, slouch and slump while sitting, hunch and rounding up shoulder would lead  to leg length discrepancies and carry on to cause un-even pelvis which eventually result to distorted  spine. Despite the fact that many do not believe in the relationship between postures and pains, but sad to say the relationship are closely related, they do result to the sufferings of spinal ailments, however.   

Leg length discrepancies have become common body imperfection without given much attention at all. The longer leg will force the same side of the pelvis to lift higher in order to accommodate the longer leg and that compromise will lead to the spine to tilt according to the un-leveled pelvis.    

The spine is able to support the structure and perform tremendous role in the human system because it has the pelvis as a firmed base holding it upright.. The spine sits vertically in the centre of the pelvis with the support from its surrounding muscle, ligaments, tendons and bones. The pelvic also allow full flexibility for the spine to move according to their centre of balance. If the pelvic are un-even, it is natural that the spine will tilt to certain direction by means of compromise in some way or the other. This unfavorable accommodation will result to the bending of the spine from its natural curvature and cause un-even compression surrounding the spine which in return cause discomforts which include soreness, pains, stiffness and numbness etc.. Muscles, ligaments and tendons are not able to relax and will be consistently tensed which result to Muscular Skeletal Disorder (MSD), commonly known as the neck and back pain discomfort.

Isogai Dynamic Therapy is a self managed therapy to neck and back pains. Patients will be guided to practice a series of correct physical movements by binding legs follow by correctly use the Isogai’s tools such as the MOB Back Healer work with the Isogai Alignment Belts for back and leg problems, the MOB Neck Healer work with the Isogai Alignment Belts for neck and shoulder problem and the MOB Knees And Legs Therapeutic Bench for knees and legs problems.

IDT has been well known and accepted in Japan and Taiwan for the last 60 years. The success of IDT attribute to its technique being practical, effective and safe for everyone to practice on a daily basis. The ultimate purpose of IDT is to encourage everyone to protect their natural structure constituency by their discipline and awareness, after all a perfect and attractive body contour not only let us stay away from neck and back pain but it also give us the confident and charismatic.

IDT in Malaysia are promoted through public seminars and users are given trainings to acquire the know-how.

Misalignment of body structure is an obstacle to beauty and health. It is also the major cause of neck and back pains.

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