If we had protected our spine the way we did with our liver and heart, we would not have to live with pain. Be pragmatic, stop complaining about the pain and get started with this self-help regimen.

MOB™ Back Healer

 壮腰 宝
The Most Effective Self-Help Tool For
Back Pain & Leg Problems

Colors of the item varies from time to time

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(include postage to other South East Asian Countries)

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Include The Back Healer in your daily routine, with 20-30 minutes per session, you will be
free from back pain, pullings, numbness, tingling, pinching and weakness.

How MOB™ Back Healer Stop Back Pain


The MOB™ Back-Healer works on the dissemination & assimilation motion, which arch the back slightly to relieve compression cause in the spinal disc herniation. Pressure is relieved on the front side of the disc which in turn creates a vacuum that draws the disc herniation back in slightly, therefore lessening
the painful pressures on the roots of the nerves.

The process is effective in treating
pain, numbness, weakness on the
back and legs and at the same time rejuvenating the disc through absorption of fluid from the blood.

 And that encourages cartilage growth.


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