Sitting with incorrect posture or sitting without proper supports are major causes of low back pain. If we don't sit well how can we be healed.

( Seat Support come in green colour )

万 效护曲坐垫
MOB™ Seat 

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East & West Malaysia)

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other South East Asian Countries)

is an  essential tool for those who suffer Sciatica. It helps  to distribute pressure evenly acting on the sacral & coccyx region of the spine.

万 效护曲坐垫提供纠正坐姿方案

坐姿是腰痛及脊椎病变的 主要原因,长时间保持不正确的坐姿会导致慢性背部问题,久而久之双腿也会感到不适。坐骨神经痛是最常见的下背疼痛疾病,其症状是让人难以忍受的疼痛、酸 痛、麻痹和双腿无力等。
万效护曲坐垫是一个支撑骨盘的坚定护具,让骨盘的压力点能均匀分布。当骨盘得到稳固的支撑,肌肉、韧带和 肌腱因此可以得到放松,相应减轻疼痛。

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MOB™Back  Support (10-L) 

(This has been clinically proven the most effective
back support to reduce low back stress)

万 效护腰垫

MOB™ 10-L
Back Support

Don't Sit Without It!!

MOB™Back  Support (10-L)
Rm 249

The Design of MOB 10-L Back Support include essential features such as:-
  • Support all three curves; the thoracic, the lumbar and the sacrum in the spine.
  • Designed to apply force vectors at the right points in the spine to stimulate a reflex that forces you to sit upright.
  • Provide proper support to the back, forcing us to sit with our spine properly aligned.
  • Maintain a correct sitting position or posture so that the body can be neutral thus able to stay away from the painful neck and back  discomfort.

(include shipping to
East & West Malaysia)

(include shipping to
other South East Asian Countries)


许 多人没留意到坐姿和背部疼痛之间的关系。其实长时间坐着不动或坐姿不正确,会导致腰部负荷过重,进而引起背部疼痛,腰肌劳损和不适等症状。不符合人体工学 设计、座椅的材质太柔软或太硬也是会危及脊椎和骶骨。

以高耐用碳石和超细纤维制成的万效护腰垫(MOB 10-L Back Support),

由 于万效护腰垫让身体保持自然弯曲的姿势,因此肌肉及脊椎得到舒缓放松,以及减少脊椎承受较小的压力。

万 效护腰垫不仅让你做得更舒适,减少不良坐姿所产生的疼痛和压力,也可以防止腰酸背痛,迈向更健康的生活。

imitation caution
Do Not Use Improper
Back Support !!

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