Heat Therapy Effect
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Size : 25.5" x 14"

For problems on shoulder, hands, or
thoracic region, place heat pad on the position as shown.
On shoulder

For neck problems, cover heat pad around neck and cover heat pad with a towel  to contain heat as shown.

For problems on knees, place heat pad as shown on the knees and cover it with a towel to contain the heat.

You may also place the Heat Pad
on your back and cover it with a towel as shown.

Major Benefit:-

1. Using heat effect to “fight” Neck & Back discomfort.
2. Relieves pain, sore and numbness caused by spinal ailments.
3. Portable, flexible and can be carried around conveniently.
4. Improves blood circulation, relaxes tensed muscles, improves internal organ syndromes, relieves tiredness and promote better sleep quality. Also reduces inflammation.

When To Use:-

1. When suffering / experiencing chronic pain in joints, muscles and ligaments.
2. When feeling tired, lazy, depressed and lethargic.
3. Use it when one could not exercise as much as needed -especially for the old, paralyzed, injured and temporarily immobile. Use this to replace some simple exercises.

Please take note:-
For those who could not lie flat for long, he/she may place a rolled-up towel
underneath the thigh to reduce pressures as well.